55 non-regulated rental properties completed in Vathorst

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55 non-regulated rental housing units were completed in the De Bron neighbourhood in Vathorst, Amersfoort. The dwellings are 1930s in design and form part of the portfolio of Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Residential Fund N.V. Hengelo-based Dura Vermeer was responsible for the construction of the housing development.

The rental properties in De Bron are spacious (129-134 m2), with three or four bedrooms, a self-contained kitchen with built-in appliances, and a bathroom with bath, shower and a second toilet. The dwellings have gardens at the front and rear, plus storage space. The dwellings can be rented from EUR 960 per month. For more information, go to

De Bron, Vathorst

Vathorst is a vibrant, new and child-friendly neighbourhood in Vathorst, with shops, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, sports centres and other amenities all within walking distance. De Bron forms the heart of Vathorst. In De Bron there is ample space for art, education and culture.

Centrally located in De Bron – that means Vathorst too – is its lake, the Waterplas, which offers residents ample opportunity for leisure activities or quiet relaxation.


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